Thursday, December 22, 2005

Nip/What the Fuck?

An e-mail from a concerned and dedicated reader goes as follows …


I think I speak for everyone when I demand that you blog about the revelation of the Carver, and possibly about the entire season of Nip/Tuck. At the very least send me a detailed email.


Let it never be said that I am deaf to the cries of my readers. Now, run along, little Nip/Tuckians who've got the season finale unwatched in their TiVo. I'm spilling everything.

So. The finale. After a season and a half of the Carver being one of the more legitimately frightening killers on television, Tuesday night we find out the identity of the serial rapist/killer/torturer/anti-beauty activist … and it was the guy we figured it was all along. Dr. Quentin Costa -- who was brought on to the show right about when the Carver attacks began, was the most glaringly obvious of the usual suspects, and who has spent this season being systematically dismantled as a character, becoming less human and more like a coked-up, leering, sexually deviant (as all bisexuals on television naturally must be) wretch. Hard to believe this guy could be a killer, huh?

Of course, having your serial killer be the guy who made most sense as a serial killer isn't exactly a bad thing. It was the ways in which the 2-part finale tried to lead us in other, last-minute directions that was irritating. And, yes, I'm talking about the "Quentin has no penis" part. Uh, what?! He … WHAT?! And this is coming from a guy who had no problem with any of the season 2 revelations (Ava is a man! And is screwing her son!) that seemed to offend so many. But Dickless Quentin seemed like such a desperate ploy for misdirection. Everything after that part just seemed to get worse and worse (hauling out Liz's strap-on? Un! Comfortable!), topped off by the rather tacked-on reveal that Kit was Quentin's creepy-incestual co-killer sister. God. I hate the co-killer gambit so much. Though I did appreciate how Rhona Mitra was able to drop her English accent at the end there. It just seemed so kitchen sink. Like they had painted themselves into such a corner with the Carver having to be a male, but they wanted to do the femme fatale thing anyway, so … sister! Bah.

As for the season as a whole, I'd say it was disappointing. Season 2 ended on such a high note. I'll agree with the prominent criticism of the season that it wandered too far away from its central storylines. I didn't mind Julia opening up the recovery spa, because that served as a nice furthering of her mega-arc, as well as Liz's. But the whole "Beady-Eyed Anne Heche on the run from the mob" plot? Such a loser. And it lasted three episodes! And then there was that overwrought episode with the plane crash where nothing actually happened. At least the tranny Matt beat up made her way back into the story, lest that be just another of the seemingly endless plot strands left hanging. Like a lot of people, I liked the storyline Matt got into with the neo-Nazi family toward the end. Although, racism/homophobia/hate in this country is usually insidious and doesn't always take the face of a snarling Aryan princess, and it might have been nice to have taken the subtler road in order to get to a deeper truth. But this is Nip/Tuck, the show that had Joan Rivers rubbing spooge on her face and loving it (a high point of the season -- and what is it with Grandma Skeletor factoring into so many of one show's best moments?), so maybe I'm expecting too much. As it was, I was glad that Cherry and Matt had the balls (so to speak) to off Daddy Hatebucks at the end. Of course, the timeline got dicked-up at the end there, where it looked like Matt had his long, dark night of the soul, his two dads cart off to the nunnery to investigate Quentin and Kit, they return, and the Matt comes home, all "maybe a home-cooked meal will wash away this murderous taste in my mouth." It seemed lazy, like a lot of the third season.

Which is too bad, because it's still a pretty damned compelling show. I mean, try and pry me away from it next season. But still: crappy season, overall.

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