Monday, November 21, 2005

Low Res Caption Contest No. 005

You know the drill by now. Make with the funny. This particular photo was found and requested by devoted, delightful, and damn attractive (for a girl) Low Res loyalist Tipsy McSwiggans. Who loves ya, baby?

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Carlie said...

Jeremy Piven, you old geezer! You got me again with that "Afternoon Delight" cd locked in the cabinet!

(ps thanks for the blow)

bri c. said...

Do Notttt Go In There! Whew

Felipe R. said...
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Felipe R. said...

(after this pretty face, when he founds the way out):
You Chinese guys are so weird... fake doors... what a hell.
(then, he take a second tought):
Hey, get me one of those!

Tipsy McSwiggans said...

(The face made by President Bush after accidently walking in on his mother, Barbara Bush, in nothing but her pearls...)

Woman Speaks the Truth said...

Gee, I hope this giant kitchen cabinet has some giant sugar in it.

Felipe R. said...

I can't stop thinking about this:

I'm the most stupid person in the whole world.

Please Ashton, come out and tell me i get Punke'd.

(crying in the bathroom, after reallize that everybody is making fun of him):
Why fake doors??? Whyyyyyy???

Joe R. said...

And no one went for the "President suffers stroke, loses feeling in left side of face" line? I thought I knew my readers.