Saturday, October 15, 2005

Your Weekend Reading Assignment

You guys, the entire first half of Aaron Cameron's Bootleg column is cut-and-pasted IM chats we've had over the past, oh, year. Good times. Go check it out. Come for the Joe, but be sure you stay for the Aaron, because you will find some of the more sublime pop cult references ever published on the Internet (and, yes, I'm including all Bill Simmons references to The Karate Kid). I mean . . . The Dwayne Wayne and Whitley Show! This needs to happen, like, yesterday.

And to complete the J.A.M. triumverate, give Mathan's TV column a look. He gives Lost what-for, praises Nip/Tuck and Grey's Anatomy (both faves of mine), and also - privately - is incredulous that I wouldn't have ever seen The Warriors (as I admitted in my latest Film Experience column, which you should also read).

What, did you think the weekend was for relaxing? Get reading!

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