Saturday, October 29, 2005

Weird, You Guys

So I was watching Bravo's "100 Scariest Movie Moments" yesterday. Yes, "again." It's really, really good. And it's pretty much on all weekend, so you should try to TiVo it if you haven't seen it, although for some dumb reason Bravo is still airing its usual block of West Wing episodes on Monday, like, HELLO it's Halloween, make with the scary, already, and ... I've digressed.

ANYway, I'm watching the 100 Scariest special, and they're showing the clip from The Sixth Sense with the creepy girl who busts in on Haley Joel's tent, and the girl looks oddly familiar. Was that ... was that Mischa Barton? Yes. Apparently it was.

And, check it out, y'all: apparently Mischa's mom is still Munchausening her soup with Pine-Sol or whatever, because girlfriend looks as sickly as ever. Mom's even taken to poisoning Mischa's friends.

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the real life (as opposed to real life) Mischa is going to collapse at some point. Hopefully she won't haunt Haley in real life. He has his own problems --or will have...

and here is more pictures even more obviously to show the poisoning continues: