Sunday, October 02, 2005

Week 4 NFL Picks: My Own Worst Enemy

Before I get to the baseball picks, let me get this one baseball comment in: Why, Yankees, why? Why decide to pitch Jaret Wright in tomorrow's game against the Red Sox? Pitching Wright (whose ERA is something like 45.63 at this point) is as good as conceding defeat. And, yeah, they've clinched, but wouldn't they rather take their shot at maybe knocking Boston out of the playoffs with one game, rather than face them in a seven game series? Especially when our pitching is apt to fall apart at any time? And the excuse: to rest Mussina. Rest him for what? So he can give up 8 runs in the third inning of the Division Series opener? But even then, he's a better option than Wright, in what I still think remains our best chance at beating the defending champs. One game, one win, and we can put Boston in a one-and-done scenario against Cleveland. Isn’t that worth taking a shot?


Picking against my better instincts worked out pretty well for me last week. If you think I'm screwing with what's working, you're crazier than Randy Johnson after a pitch inside is called a ball.

NEW ORLEANS (even) over Buffalo [Let's just say this Opposite thing makes it easier to pick against my boys. It's called a complete pass, JP. Look into it.]

San Diego (+3.5) over NEW ENGLAND [The Job-like string of injuries (yeah, that's the last thing Boston sports needs – an actual persecution complex) is the only thing giving me pause that the Pats won't put a big hurt on San Diddy.]

Denver (+4) over JACKSONVILLE [Hell, you try and figure out the AFC West teams. I give up.]

Houston (+9.5) over CINCINNATI [It's as much because Houston sucks as it is because Cincy's good.]

Indianapolis (-7) over TENNESSEE [Maybe this is how the Colts will win all season. Low-scoring, defensive struggled with Edge carrying the load. Dammit, fantasy football starter Reggie Wayne!]

KANSAS CITY (-2) over Philadelphia [Okay, KC, which team is it?]

Detroit (+6.5) over TAMPA BAY [Winner wins by a TD, either way.]

St Louis (+3) over NY GIANTS [Lots of offense, I'm thinking. And maybe here is where I pay tribute to my latest fantasy ball Starting White Wideout: Kevin Curtis.]

Seattle (+2) over WASHINGTON [Every Skins matchup I see just looks ugly. Yet we get them on TV here all the time! What the hell, FOX?]

NY Jets (+7) over BALTIMORE [Yeah, I can't exactly argue with the Jets falling apart here. Still, sticking with the formula.]

ATLANTA (-6) over Minnesota [I see Atlanta as inconsistent, while I see Minnesota as ]hopefully) finding their footing.]

Dallas (+3) over OAKLAND [The Raiders have to win some time, right?]

Arizona (-2.5) over San Francisco [No freaking idea.]

Green Bay (+7.5) over CAROLINA [Carolina is maybe the hardest team to figure out in football. Seriously. You sort them out.]

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