Thursday, October 13, 2005

This Week's "Lost" Kvetch

Okay, so this week's Lost was pretty good. Funny how that generally seems to happen when Jack is pushed to the margins, doesn't it? We got good progress on the Adebisi's Others front. Hurley's flashbacks were actually quite entertaining, even if the underlying message was horribly underwhelming (you mean money changes people??). But of course, it wouldn't be an episode of Lost these days without an excruciatingly drawn out and increasingly stupid plot line designed to waste some time so we can stretch the season's storyline out.

Because, seriously: Hurley spends the entire episode trying not to be the guy in charge of the food – to the point of wanting to blow the food up with dynamite – when all he had to do was hand the damn reigns over to someone else! God. "But Locke said he couldn't!" Look. Locke aint the boss of anyone, much less Hurley, and if the big man was so insistent on not being Food Guy, to the point that he was willing to blow shit up with dynamite, then maybe his little rebel streak could have included giving effing Charlie a key to the food room and let the hobbit distribute the grub. And this wasn't even the subplot! This was the main plot. Damn. As if last week wasn't irritating enough with the "you push the button," "no, YOU push the button" stuff.

In other, better, TV-related news, Veronica Mars was pretty killer last night. Although that chick-ass slap fight that went down between Logan and Duncan may have unintentionally been the funniest moment of the season so far.


mathan said...

Preach on. You are completely right about the lack of Jack being a great indicator of quality.

One thing that I didn't really like was how during the climax they kept cutting back to Hurley's flashback, it got annoying.

Adebisi's Others is very interesting, I'm actually more interested about that side of the island than the "main" one.

Carlie said...

i watched Lost. I was lost even though Adam did a decent job explaining it - I dont really understnad the different groups on the island, and how that one crazy chick got a gun. on a desert island.

and dammit i missed VM? wtf?

Joe R. said...

Oh, man, everybody's got a gun. Guns, guns, guns. I secretly think the island is governed by Charleton Heston.

Absolutely, Mathan, the "other" side of the island is totally more compelling, especially because it seems a lot of them died. But how . . .

Carlie, I was totally going to IM you about V-Mars yesterday but I forgot. As usual, you have the option of recap or watching my recording. In the meantime, TWoP does it best.

j.a.m. belushi said...

Mathan made a GREAT point in his TV column today, with regards to Hurley's supposed fear that the numbers are cursed, then having no problem punching them into the computer and hitting "execute".

That's very bad writing and I maintain that this show's shelf life is three years. Credit to the writers for at least moving things along, but some of this stuff has gotten sloppy lately.

Joe R. said...

Yeah, that is a very good point - especially given how the week before he seemed all too willing to let Locke key in the wrong code.

One big plus for the show that I forgot to mention this week: Michelle Rodriguez punched the SHIT out of Sawyer. That was awesome.

mathan said...

One big plus for the show that I forgot to mention this week: Michelle Rodriguez punched the SHIT out of Sawyer. That was awesome.

A huge plus, especially considering how I've begun to hate Sawyer (at almost Jackesque levels) because someone in the IP Executive Washroom has a hard on for the guy. Sawyer has become increasingly annoying.