Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Notes From My Clogged Sinuses

So between starting my new job this week and getting a wicked head cold to boot, I haven't had much time to blog for myself. So, in order to make up for my absence, I offer a hodgepodge:

-- For starters, last night's Prison Break was awwwwwesome. [SPOILERS, duh] Best episode of the series, thus far. Tons of plot lines came together, lots of mini-climaxes, and the story went in about six new and different directions. In short, our investment in the setup has started to pay off. And they killed the cat! I never thought they'd have the balls to do that. And Patricia Wettig is the Vice-President, which I had considered, and which leads to a whole slew of further questions. I just loved the entire hour. Well done, show.

-- So, okay, at what point did I miss the memo that Filter's "Hey Man, Nice Shot" was set to experience a cultural renaissance? It's a great song, and certainly emblematic of my mid-90s "new rock alternative" music tastes. But outside of my media player, I hadn't heard the song in years. Now, all of a sudden, it's in the Stay trailer, in last week's episode of Supernatural, and getting name-checked in Stephen King's Entertainment Weekly column. It's like Filter's publicist was just awoken from a ten-year cryogenic slumber and decided she's get back to marketing the hell out of their song.

-- If you haven't been already, y'all have to read the InsidePulse columns from my brothers in the fraternity known as J.A.M. [Rush Week, November 7-11 – better bring a poncho.]

First off, Mathan Erhardt, who wishes death upon Lost characters, turns on a dime when Nip/Tuck disappoints him, and is able to alter the Grey's Anatomy storyline AT WILL.

Meanwhile, Aaron Cameron asks for feedback, and feedback he shall have: he starts us off with some bagel-and-cream-cheese humor, which is relatable and accurate. Strawberry and garlic just do NOT get along, especially at breakfast. He then mines some fine comedy out of well-worn racial slurs, a staple of the Cam'ron comedy style. I can't repeat it here, but the laughter, she was audible. Next up, an inside-jokey slam at a former colleague. My favorite kind! He then dips into some Foxy Brown (eww, not like that!), a spot-on Kanye West commentary (complete with the "George Bush Doesn't Care About ___" construct that I adore so much), and keeps his "consecutive weeks mocking Fantasia Barrino" streak alive. I keep waiting for him to make a "Duhh, stay outta Riverdale" joke, but alas, there's only so much Fantasia news to go around. Really, the only black mark against our Aaron? No extended AIM conversations with me! What gives, dude? IP couldn't handle the increased traffic last week?

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This is the circle ( O ) and this must be me ( O i) yeah - not involved IN THE EFFING CIRCLE.

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