Sunday, October 16, 2005

NFL Picks, Week 6: This Time, It's Official

With my readers threatening to start keeping a running tab on my win-loss record, this week's picks have a bit of addded pressure. In keeping with my winning streak, I'm picking opposite my first instincts. I haven't failed to fail me yet!

N.Y. Jets (+3) over BUFFALO [Loser is all but finished in the AFC East.]

DALLAS (-3.5) over N.Y. Giants [Eli-to-Plaxico is maybe the most exciting combo of the season.]

DETROIT (+1) over Carolina [Panthers may be a schizo kind of team, but I can't imagine the Lions will be able to string two wins in a row.]

NEW ORLEANS (+5.5) over Atlanta [Vick or no Vick, the Falcons are likely much better than the Saints, who are one struggling ball team.]

Minnesota (+3) over CHICAGO [Daunte Culpepper on grass against a very good defense? Duck and cover, Vikes fans.]

Washington (+6) over KANSAS CITY [Probably the perfect spread for this game. K.C. is the better team, but Washington gives up few enough points to make you wonder if it will be close. Very clever, Vegas. Very clever.]

TENNESSEE (+3) over Cincinnati [For the second week in a row, I'm "taking" all the teams with the points. This one could be tricky for Cincy, but they seem to be the better team.]

PITTSBURGH (-3) over Jacksonville [Oooh, switching it up on you!]

BALTIMORE (-6) over Cleveland [The Browns are not a team that's going to get blown away a whole lot this season. Of course now that I said that, watch it happen.]

Miami (+4) over TAMPA BAY [Could have flipped a coin on this one. Tough matchup for the Bucs.]

DENVER (-3) over New England [Tom Brady's phantom indignation about Schottenheimer last week may have been the "spark" New England needed. Plus, the rule is that Denver is almost never as good as they seem to be.]

OAKLAND (+1.5) over San Diego [Raiders shooting for 7-9 this year. Hope they get it!]

SEATTLE (-9.5) over Houston [Houston's a shitty team, yes, and Seattle certainly has the capability to blow them out, but . . . 9.5 is a lot for a team that's not playoff caliber to be giving up.]

INDIANAPOLIS (-13.5) over St. Louis [I actually agree with Bill Simmons here – the line is too big.]


raspberry j.a.m. said...

Update...Smooth Joe Reid is 4-9 as of this writing, with his picks for the week. His latest tactic of picking the opposite of what his gut says is refreshingly hilarious, since it gives us an opportunity to mock him when he DOUBTS that the Seahawks can cover against the Texans...then, they win by 32 and it's like Joe "knew it all along".

Please expand this to other sports, Joe. Is there a curling off shore book out there?

Joe R. said...

Cam, you're back! We were worried about you, given that you had been gone for so many weeks. Is everything okay?

Quick update: while you were gone, I actually went 22-11-1 on my picks. What a weird coincidence that your return to commenting coincides with a downturn in my success. Life's funny like that.

In other news, 7-9 might be a bit much for Oaktown to hope for. But at least you've got Randy Mo- . . . oh. Damn.