Sunday, October 09, 2005

NFL Picks, Week 5: This Week's Special? Half Off!

Crap! Forgot to make my NFL picks this week! Okay, well I can still make my picks for the 4pm games. As always, reverse psychology is the rule.

SAN FRANCISCO (+15) over Indianapolis [You'd think home field would be enough for the Niners to lose by two touchdowns or less. You'd think.]

ARIZONA (+3) over Carolina [Neil Rackers is a fantasy football god.]

DALLAS (+3) over Philadelphia [Lots of home underdogs this week. That should probably give me pause.]

Washington (+7) over DENVER [Seriously, Redskins? Undefeated? Don't you think your raising expectations a bit too high?]

Cincinnati (+3) over JACKSONVILLE [Cincy seems awfully banged up, on the road. Tough road to hoe for an undefeated team.]

Pittsburgh (+3) over SAN DIEGO [Okay, I'm "picking" all underdogs this week. Suddenly, I'm very afraid.]

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