Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Ten Word Movie Reviews: How I Spent My August

The Ring Two (DVD): Awful. Discards or negates everything that's great about the first.

Manhattan (DVD): I'm sorry. Couldn't get into it. It looks fantastic, though.

Red Eye: Moves fast enough to gloss over how it's kinda bad.

The 40 Year Old Virgin: Hilarious. Impeccable cast and smartly stupid writing. Rogen, Rudd rule.

Wedding Crashers: If not for "Virgin," it's the funniest movie this summer.

1 comment:

carlie said...

dude, the 40 yo virgin was amazing but a few too many f words for the chicas in the audiencel.

the romantic part also made me MORE BITTER.

also.......funny but like, where was will ferell, and how bout more ebonice> lol