Saturday, September 17, 2005

NFL Picks: Week 2 - Electric Lose-a-loo

Since they were so enthusiastically received last week, once again I subject myself to shame and ridicule by offering up my NFL predictions for week 2. Gambling lines are for entertainment (*snicker*) purposes only. Home team in CAPS.

Buffalo (+2.5) over TAMPA BAY [It takes a lot for me to abandon my homer roots.]

Baltimore (-4) over TENNESSEE [Flip-flopped on this pick quite a bit. Ravens could take a bit to adjust to new QB, but I think they will win outright, and they say don’t pick against a team you think will win just because of the points.]

Pittsburgh (no line) over HOUSTON [Vegas freaked out because Roethlissberger might be injured. I’d still take the Steelers, though. Houston looked like ass against the Bills.]

INDIANAPOLIS (-9) over Jacksonville [It’s an intimidating line, but I have a feeling the Indy offense wants to make their real season debut.]

CHICAGO (+1.5) over Detroit [When in doubt, pick the home team.]

CINCINNATI (-3) over Minnesota [Stupid Daunte Culpepper. Stupid, stupid, stupid!]

PHILADELPHIA (-13) over San Francisco [That’s right. I’m a 49er doubter. Bring it, Arnaz Battle!]

New England (-3) over CAROLINA [Lots of things in Pats’ favor this week: there’s the AFC-is-better-than-NFC thing, the critical injuries thing, and the fact that New England is just plain better.]

Atlanta (+1) over SEATTLE [I still think Monday Night’s win was more damning for Philly than it was encouraging for Atlanta, but I think the Seahawks are in for a disappointing season.]

St. Louis (+1) over ARIZONA [No, I’m not happy that I’m picking so many road teams, but Arizona couldn’t run the ball at all last week. Bad sign.]

Miami (+6) over NY JETS [Hey, let’s break all the rules! I’ll take the road underdog to cover even though I think they’ll likely lose. I deserve all the ridicule that’s coming to me.]

GREEN BAY (-6.5) over Cleveland [Two bad teams, to be sure, but the home field advantage should be enough for a touchdown win. I hope.]

San Diego (+3) over DENVER [San Diego didn’t look that awful it its loss last week. Denver did. San Diego gets Antonio Gates back this week. Denver does not. Chargers win outright.]

OAKLAND (+1) over Kansas City [We’ll temper the Chiefs talk for a week anyway.]

New Orleans (+3) over NY GIANTS [Technically it’s the Saints’ home game, but let’s not kid ourselves. Still, I think emotion carries the Saints against an evenly matched Giants team.]

DALLAS (-6) over Washington [I think the Skins are pretty bad, I think Bledsoe won’t hit the wall for another few weeks, and I think I want to take one more home team before my picks are finished.]


Joe R. said...

4-4 after the one o'clocks. And the only one I think I was really off-base with as New England. The Colts covered (although if anyone knows anything about the whereabouts of the Colts offense, please contact local authorities), I was *thisclose* to picking Tennessee, and I'm just not going to pick against the Bills. Who. Looked. Awful.

Anyhoo, bring on the late games!

j.a.m. belushi said...

I must've missed your self-serving update on the afternoon games and your prediction skills against the spread in THOSE contests...

You suck worse than my ABC show...

Joe R. said...

I haven't notced any comments to this thread that may have been made because I can only hear criticism from those who have the sack to put their own predictions in their columns that they blew off this week in exchange for watching the Oakland A's blow two out of three games to the Red Sox, like, THANKS guys. Way to be.

But on my own, I did want to mention that I kicked ASS picking that St. Louis/Arizona game. Huh? Did ya see that one? Masterful, is what that was.