Sunday, September 18, 2005

I Work Hard For the Money. So Hard For It, Honey.

My feature-length recap for this week’s Prison Break is now up at Television Without Pity. Not to get all supremely dorky on y’all or anything, but I’m an actual professional writer now, and that’s just bizarre. They paid me. Me! To make jokes about My Cousin Vinny and Labyrinth! I kind of love everything right now.

Except Daunte Culpepper. He can take the express train right to hell, as far as I’m concerned.

Anyway, read the recap. It’s 13 pages long so, you know, pack a lunch. But it’s been well-received so far, so . . .


Carlie said...

um, when is this show on and stuff? I've never heard of it....but what you write is pretty funny. I just have no context.

Joe R. said...

Prison Break: Mondays @9pm on FOX. Directly after Arrested Development, which y'all also need to be watching.

mathan said...

Joe Reid is my favorite TV writer ever.

Seriously, you may be my favorite non music writer of all time.

You clearly save your "A" material for your work. It was entertaing and insightful. You perfectly nailed the episode, warts and all.