Friday, September 30, 2005

Bitching About Weather in Buffalo? I Know!

I've got absolutely no numbers or facts to back me up, but I'm going to out on a limb and say that the temperature in Western New York has dropped approximately seven hundred degrees in the span of a week. Last week, it was too hot to wear long sleeves, now I've got my hoodie tied tightly around my face like I'm Nanook of the North.

And I feel like I'm suddenly thrust into the role of Dennis Quaid in The Day After Tomorrow or Anne Heche in Volcano, where I'm the lone climatologist who has noticed how the temperature is changing at a drastic rate, and now I'm going to have to run all over town in a vain attempt to convince local government and law enforcement officials that I'm not crazy, and the world is on the brink of something-or-other, and that WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME. [Sample dialogue from the movie I'm writing inside my head: "Mr. President, you have to evacuate the cities! I can't feel the tip of my nose!"]

*Sigh* I don't have time for that. For now, I'm mainlining Vitamic C in a (vain?) attempt to stave off the nearly-guaranteed cold I get when the weather changes like this. I'm also doing all those things my Mom told me when I was growing up, like making sure to put on socks when I'm sitting around the house and drying my hair completely before going outside. Like any of this is going to help.

Oh, and this is totally unrelated to anything written above, but if you feel like cheering yourself up as you implore the clock to just say 5:00 already, check out Chad Johnson's Riverdance touchdown celebration.

Icky Shuffle, you had a good run.


Carlie said...

seriously, last night I slept under TWO BLANKETS!

last week i was pretty much naked in bed with my window wide open and my fan blowing on me in an attempt to NOT sweat for 8 straight hours!!


Joe, I will join your attempt to convince Bushy that there is a tragedy. I suggest we name it "Katrina" after those icy Russian winters.

drew brees said...

88 and sunny in san diego yesterday. Slept with the windows open, but had to close 'em when it dipped to 60. Excuse me, I have to go make cocoa.

Carlie said...

60? wimp!

come back to a REAL town!!!!!