Thursday, August 11, 2005

With Kelly Stouffer, as 'Whitey'

So, I may be the only one I know who remembers Gary Hogeboom, the old Indianapolis Colts quarterback. But he's going to be on the new season of Survivor. And man does he look OLD. If I recall correctly, he rode the Colts quarterback caroussel with Chris Chandler and Jack Trudeau back in those halcyon days of the late 1980s.

Which makes me hope that we're drawing ever closer to the first all-middling-NFL-quarterbacks edition of Survivor, which will include Tony Eason, Steve Bono, Mark Vlassic, Todd Marinovich, Heath Shuler, Scott Mitchell, Bobby Hebert, Erik Kramer, Steve Walsh, Steve Buerlein, Bubby Brister, and starring Sean Salsbury as the smug blowhard who everyone votes off in week six, to the thuderous applause of a grateful audience.


Carlie said...

Huh, you like football too?

How do I know nothing about my friends? lol

I am planning on trying to get people over to watch bills home games (when they are on tv) this fall if you're interested.

Anonymous said...


U forgot David Klinger, Andre Ware, and my favorite, Ryan Leaf. Could U imagine the Hi-Larious convo between Andre Ware and Ryan Leaf over who didn't get a fair chance 2 lead their team to glory. I'm having Napolean Dynamite flashbacks just thinking about it.

Joe R. said...

I also forgot Dave Kreig, Jay Schroeder, Elvis Grbac, and Wade Wilson. Shame, Joe. Shame.