Friday, August 26, 2005

Today's J.A.M. Links

It’s Friday, and thus time to toss out links to my former 411 partners in crime.

Aaron Cameron’s Bootleg lives up to its “Goodness” mission statement this week, with thought provoking debate on Nas and the city of Detroit. Separately, of course; God forbid if the partisans of both had descended on Cam all at once. He also gets some shots in on Curt Schilling and Johnny Damon, because he’s my kind of guy, and throws in a Sarah Jessica Horseface joke for good measure.

Ahh, equine jokes made at Sarah Jessica Parker’s expense. They truly never get old. True story: I caught the tail end of a Sex and the City rerun the other day on TBS, and the only part I saw consisted of a series of associational edits between SJP’s Carrie and this horse in Central Park. “That’s unkind,” I muttered to myself. Then I realized that not only was Carrie in the same scene as the horse, but that the show was drawing comparisons between Carrie and the horse. Damn. That’s cold. Looks like someone forgot to send Darren Starr flowers on his birthday.

Meanwhile, Mathan Erhardt busts out a long-awaited Remote Destination. I say long awaited because I’ve been waiting all week to see what he thought of the Six Feet Under finale. Not to hijack Mathan’s blurb here, but I need to talk about the finale for a second. So good. Really, really good, and satisfying, I might add, for someone who’s been watching since season one. I enjoyed seeing Ruth and Brenda finally reach an understanding between them, and I was glad they never softened Margaret Chenowith even at the end.

Like everyone else, the last several minutes really knocked me out. I was glad to see that Brenda remained close to the Fishers, and it was funny how Billy basically ended up talking her to death. And I was happy to see that Claire was such a focal point at the end. She was always my favorite character, through her ups and downs. Lauren Ambrose had better have a long career ahead of her. Rachel Griffiths, too. Anyhoo, read Mathan’s account of Six Feet and more.


mathan said...

Y'know, for a moment there, during the finale when we saw the Chenowith clan hanging out, I really thought we could possibly be witnessing the set up for a spin off.

Joe, I think we should sit down and bang out a pilot for the The Chenowiths. And how does the show not have limitless potential?

It's the story of a widow raising two kids, her brother (who might have a thing for her), her therapist mom, and the ghost of the father of her children.

Doesn't that have zany sitcom written all over it?

Joe, we can make this happen.

Joe R. said...

Heh. Margaret could open up a candy store like in The Facts of Life, and Brenda - as the single mother of two - could constantly rebuff the advances of Schnieder, the handyman who lives down the hall.

P.S.: I LOVE the idea of Bernard as a ghost. Maybe he's a ghost only Billy can see? Hmmmm.

Aaron Cameron said...

"Huh? Oh, ummm...Barney?!"