Friday, August 05, 2005

Recommended Friday Viewing

Once again, I'm here to point you in the right directions as you ride out the work week in style . . .

Fametracker raids Eva Longoria’s t-shirt drawer and comes out with more than a few doozies. My favorite? “I'm With Stupid. And By 'Stupid,' I Mean Leo DiCaprio.”

Aaron Cameron had his Bootleg column up and posted before I could even think to e-mail and complain. Well played, Cam. This week, everyone’s favorite Shirley Bellinger enthusiast takes a courageous stand against Dangermouse AND Rosie O’Donnell, and proves unable to resist the subliminal urge to place photos of himself directly adjacent to a news item on Warren G. “Because they’re cousins! Identical cousins . . .” Cam also slaps a pair of water skis onto the concept of alliteration and sends it sailing clean over the dorsal fin of a threatening shark. Impressive!

Sarah at Tomato Nation needs your help in deciding who’s the more annoying baseball announcer: the embittered Joe Morgan, or that smitten kitten Tim McCarver?

If you’re in a TV watching mood this weekend, you could do worse than VH1’s three-day America’s Next Top Model-fest. I still need to see the entire third season, which makes me kind of mad that VH1 only seems to be playing selected episodes instead of a full-scale marathon. Still, there's a good chance you'll see Tyra's freakout from season 4, and Shandi's boyfriend and his girlish cries of anguish from season 2. Gooood times.

Once again, Veronica Mars (CBS, 8-9pm) and Arrested Development (FOX 8-10pm) are here to help ease the pain of another lonely, pathetic Friday night indoors.

Also? If you have the chance, try and catch Kathy Griffin’s new stand-up special on Bravo. I sort of steered clear of her new reality show, but the stand-up has some bitchy highlights (although nothing quite so good as the Little Richard/Sharon Stone/Rosie O’Donnell anecdotes from her last show). Her mega-rant on Clay Aiken (“because he loves pussy!”) is a joy to behold.

If you’re feeling like a little Quicktime on your lunch break, you could try out the King Kong trailer. Somehow, this bit of pop cult news passed me by, but . . . there are dinosaurs in this movie? Like, King Kong fights dinosaurs? Really? The 50-foot, giant gorilla wasn’t enough? Had to hedge their bets with dinosaurs? And no one seems to mind, either. That’s the freaky thing. You’d think the geek community would be all over this. Man, Peter Jackson earned a shitload of slack from these guys after Lord of the Rings.

Finally, my DVD recommendation of the week . . . for those of you who have Netflix because in no way will Blockbuster be carrying this movie . . . is Bottle Rocket. This was Wes Anderson’s first feature film, before Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums made him a rightly revered directorial name. Owen Wilson’s performance in this thing is hysterical, and the movie itself is quite good, too. Looking at it now, it was an easy call that Wes (and the Wilsons, too) would go on to bigger and better things. Rent it.

And enjoy your weekend.

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