Friday, August 12, 2005

Recommended Friday Viewing 08.12

It’s Friday. Do what I say. Read what I read. Watch what I watch. [“Eat who I eat”? That’s not funny.]

First off, read me over at The Film Experience. This week, I cover Meryl Streep, The Wicker Man, and the sad fate of Frances McDormand’s hair in Aeon Flux.

The reason I find Fametracker’s list of Sela Ward’s regrets funny is the same reason I love this list of provisions to the anti-flag burning amendment. The lesson? Lists are funny.

Sarah’s Atlantic City essay at Tomato Nation really got me in the mood to do some gambling. In related news, I just discovered that my cell phone came equipped with video poker. Marvel as I ignore everyone around me in an indescribably rude spectacle!

Did anyone else see Paul Rudd on The Daily Show this week? Hilarious as usual. The clip of him and Seth Rogen in The 40-Year Old Virgin totally sold me on that movie. Sadly, the Daily Show web site doesn’t have the interview up in their video gallery. Yet they have that insipid Kate Husdon interview from the other day where all she talks about is, like, child rearing. Also, I totally had to Google my way to a back door to the Daily Show site since Comedy Central is too busy prostrating itself at the feet of Adam Carrolla and that godawful Pamela Anderson roast to provide a decent main page link to its best show.

Cam’ron got his column posted just in the nick of time. This week, he busts on Foxy Brown, Kimora Lee “Baby Phat is right” Simmons, and Jack McCoy. He also reveals that the line between fiction and reality is blissfully thin, especially as applied to minor league baseball.

For the third week in a row, TV recommendations. Do you know what’s on TV tonight besides Veronica Mars (8-9pm, CBS) and Arrested Development (8-10pm, FOX)? Nora’s Hair Salon on UPN, starring Lil’ Kim. [Damn, I just lost the Cameron household.] Everybody else? You know where to point your TiVo.

Finally, my DVD recommendation of the week: Magnolia. I’m re-watching it after not really caring for it five years ago. I did the same thing with Natural Born Killers and wound up liking that movie a good deal better. Will my opinion change? Stay tuned . . .


Carlie said...

i totally thought VM was on at 9 tonight, so I apparently missed it. again.

also I saw that stupid Kate Hudson thing TWICE on tv. she is annoying. "oh my son can walk" blah blah blah not funny to anyone who DIDNT push him out thru their ya-ya.

bri c. said...

Either way she is still Penny Lane

Joe R. said...

Oh, no doubt. You can't fuck with Penny Lane. I even like Kate Husdon. Just, cool it with the Kathie Lee talk, lady.

mathan said...

Magnolia rocks. But it's a mighty long flick.

After loving Boogie Nights, I was pumped for Magnolia's release. Unfortunately I missed it in Baltimore. But when I went home for vacation, I managed to catch it at the $2 theater. I so would have paid full price for it.

However about 15 minutes before it ended, my body informed me that I had ingested a bit too much Cherry Coke. It was the longest 15 minutes ever!

Anyway I look forward to your remarks.

(Also, my love for Magnolia is one of the reasons why I dug Crash so much.)