Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Living Too Late For Oblivion

As has been the case with most of my recent epiphanies, this one arose from my Netflix list. I rented Party Girl the other day. I’m a Parker Posey fan, and I’d always heard she was good in it. And she is. Not the best performance I’ve seen from her – check out The House of Yes or Best in Show for that – but it’s worth your while. The thing with Party Girl is that it’s so ridiculously dated. And not just with the library stuff, although as a library employee, the card catalogues are tough to take in stride from a 2005 perspective. Everything from the clothes to the clubs to the attitudes are such a product of the mid-1990s.

This was when I realized that I was born five years too late, and that I totally missed out on that mid-‘90s indie film bonanza. Not that independent film was dead by the time I really started to get psycho about film (around 1997/98), but it had changed by then. The mid-‘90s indie films were infused with that Gen-X, slacker aesthetic that I had grown up with so much in music. And watching those movies on DVD now, I can’t possibly see them with the kind of novelty they must have had back then.

Think about it. Between 1994 and 1997, you had movies like Living in Oblivion, Basquiat, Clockwatchers, all good movies that I have to think would have been even better in the context of what must have seemed like a movement for indie filmgoers. Think of the directors who were coming out with their first projects back then: Kevin Smith, Whit Stillman, Noah Baumbach, Richard Linklater, Nicole Holofcener were all making these bright, talky, invigorating movies. To have been able to catch filmmakers like Wes Anderson, Alexander Payne, David O. Russell, and Todd Haynes when they were making their ragged first films? Had to be exciting.

Also, it might have been nice to have caught in to some of the indie actors while they were young and adventurous. That way I wouldn’t have first seen Liev Schrieber in the Scream trilogy. Or Julianne Moore in Jurassic Park II. Or James LeGros in Ally freaking McBeal.

In summation: five years earlier, Mom and Dad. That’s all it would have taken. Thanks. A lot.

ADDENDUM: My favorite indie movies from the mid-‘90s

01 - Before Sunrise - dir.: Richard Linklater
I really didn’t think I’d like it much, but you really do get engrossed by an hour and a half of Ethan Hawke talking. Trust me, it’s so much better than you think it is.

02 - Bottle Rocket - dir.: Wes Anderson
Just saw it recently, but it’s a lot of fun to see the Wilson brothers cut loose at such a young age. It’s a bit unformed and ragged, but the ill-fated heist scene makes up for a lot.

03 - Clerks - dir.: Kevin Smith
One of the most eye-opening movies of my lifetime. I remember seeing this movie and realizing how differently movies can be made. Plus, it’s still damn hilarious after all these years.

04 - Living in Oblivion - dir.: Tom DiCillo
Indie film about making an indie film, it’s a precious conceit, to be sure. But the actors sell it so well, Steve Buscemi, Catherine Keener, and James LeGros especially. It’s very funny.

05 - Walking and Talking - dir.: Nicole Holofcener
This is a smart, well-acted (Catherine Keener again, this time with Anne Heche), heartfelt comedy. Holofcener would later make Lovely and Amazing, another intelligent and genuine character piece. I really like her work.


darkcypherlad said...


You can have your mid-90s indie craze. Me? I'd rather go back to the 60s and revel in the foreign film explosion that changed the way cinema was produced and perceived. Sure, Hollywood movies were crap (Doctor Dolittle? Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines? Oy...) but Godard, Bergman, Chabrol, Anderson and co. made up for it. Plus, this was before the age of videos and DVDs so in order to see most of these films, you'd have to hunt them down and sit in small theatres with bad A/C and smoke clouding the room. You'd wear your sick health, your coffee-stained Pauline Kael reviews, and your sore bum as a badge of honor and prove to your beatnik friends that yes, you were a cineaste and gosh darn it, you were proud of it. But that's just me... :)


Joe R. said...

Yeah, but if I lived through the 60s, then I'd be old. I'll take my youth and the grunge era angst.

Rikki said...

Sorry you missed the early to mid 90s. It was a fine era. Ironically (or perhaps not) I found your site as I hunted for a nice photo of Parker Posey in one of her classic early career Gen-X-ish character roles. Nonetheless, I did so out of nostalgia for the same essence you describe.

I saw Bottle Rocket in a smallish theater near Dupont Circle and relished the recap over fine microbews and Camel lights, donning a goatee, et al, in a nearby watering hole called the Big Hunt. Bliss. And that was technically the late-mid 90s.

I suspect you're already out of front of these ones, but my favorites indie flix from the period, both slacker-themed and just plain good:
- Slacker
- Down by Law
- Stranger than Paradise
- Barcelona
- Clerks (saw it in the theater, first run)
- Bottle Rocket (likewise)