Friday, July 01, 2005

Why-iy-iy, oh why you left me, oh Sandy

Heh. Couldn't let that lyric go to waste.

Anyhoo, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor is stepping down from the bench. And if you hadn't already guessed that Bush getting the chance to replace a swing vote on the Court with one of his hand-picked psychopaths was a bad thing, well, it is.

Over at TINO, Miss Alli pretty much covers all the bases as to why this is a crucial time for everyone and why the Court really does hang in the balance here. And considering at this point I can't do much more than go "oh fuuuuuuuck," it's nice to see someone make an argument with actual words and sentences.


if you can't tell LOL said...


They sing "Neil Armstrong".

This was surprisingly challenging info to find.

And you should see the bruise I got on my arm falling down your stairs!

Joe R. said...

See, this is where if I were a TWoP forum moderator, I'd be all, "Topic, please." Heh.

And, yes, I heard about you falling down. I didn't actually hear you in the process of falling down, but I heard the news report not long after. Umm . . . don't sue!

carlie said...


sorry, you weren't online when I found out about the song.

and my arm is getting better, and falling was my own damn fault, I'm not allowed to drink and walk anymore!

bri c. said...

nice to hear someone besides your brother falls down your stairs