Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Um . . . Hockey?

This still needs to be voted on by the players and owners, but it looks like the NHL lockout is going to end.

And thank fucking God. I don't know about you people in cities with year-round local sports, but in this two horse town it was getting damn near unbearable without hockey to take some of the burden off the Bills. If I had to listen to one more local sports talk radio moron jump to conclusions about what should be done in the event that J.P. Losman starts out slowly (would we fire the coach or simply trade the kid?), in February, I might have had to engage in a spree of some sort. I can't deal with another winter like that.

Also? During the hiatus, I realized how much I actually enjoyed watching hockey. The finger-wagging sportswriters will tell you that the season cancelling lockout was the worst thing that could happen, it drove the fans away, it pissed on their goodwill, and they won't soon return to watch greedy athletes play for greedier owners.

Or not. I think I'll be even more eager for the puck to drop after going through the long hard February-May swing with only the NBA and early-season baseball to tide me over. I mean, the NBA playoffs or the Stanley Cup playoffs? No contest, y'all.

Remember how nearly every hockey playoff game would seem to go to overtime? How nearly every series seemed to go seven games? How you used to love screaming at the referees who put their whistles in their pockets once said overtime began? The mullets? The accents? Don Cherry and his whole bag of bullshit?

It'll be brilliant, all over again.


Mark Hill said...

This new deal is vital for a team like the Sabres...even with Golisano's cash, the Sabres would've been in the same boat as some of the middle market Canadian teams.

Tipsy McSwiggans said...

na na naaa na HEY na na na na
na na naaa na HEY na na na na

Goalie Goalie YOU SUCK

- God I missed Hockey with all the Puckbunnies and hot chocolate and pretzles and blood

Let 'em play ref, let 'em play...