Thursday, July 28, 2005

Thursday Top Five: 07/28

Five things that impressed, appalled, or otherwise held my attention for more than 15 seconds during the past week:

01 – Man, in the guilty pleasure department, Big Brother never lets me down. This season has kicked into high gear, with Tuesday’s episode being a high mark, epitomized by Eric – the tiny titan whose reign of righteousness (man, I’m an alliterative asshole today) has been cut short (heh) – yelling at James and taking his hat back because James had the gall to use the Power of Veto.

We’re clearly in Phase 2 of the BB season, as this show always tends to follow the same pattern. Phase 1 entails a majority alliance taking firm control of the game, and quickly letting the power go to their heads. Phase 2 is when the outcasts gain control, set the wrong things right, evict the more insufferable houseguests, and just generally make things fun to watch. Phase 3 (yet to come this season) is when the former outcasts become paranoid and suspicious of each other and begin to dismantle their own alliances ahead of schedule. Phase 4 allows the under-the-radar players to ride out the infighting. Phase 5 is when two of the more back-stabby players make the finals. And Phase 6 is the bitter, bitter jury vote. God, I love this show.

02 – Speaking of guilty pleasures, Laguna Beach is back for another season on MTV. I was so sure I would hate this show, and, to be fair, I still hate about half the people on it. And, at least speaking for season 1, the contrivances that MTV sets up are way transparent (Oh, Lauren’s seats at the Blink 182 concert are coincidentally next to her arch-enemy Kristin and the boyfriend she’s trying to steal?). But it’s also crazy addictive, and there are no activities so fun as watching this show with my sister and yelling at the TV about how much of a bitch Kristin is. Gooood times.

03 – So, today, I get to see my very favorite band in the world play in the center of town, for free. It’s not every day that I get to be happy I live in Buffalo, but today is certainly one of those days. If you have the chance to seek out some music by Lowest of the Low, try and do so. I fell in love with them the very first time I heard them. Maybe you will, too.

04 – What did I do with my life before I discovered The Office? Honestly, I’m trying to remember. Before I knew the bug-eyed charm of Gareth Keenan, or the comic brilliance of Ricky Gervais. The American version? A pale, pale imitation. The magic of Netflix has allowed me to enjoy the real deal. Too bad British series can be critically acclaimed and adored and still only last two incredibly short seasons. Thirteen episodes is so not enough!

05 – I had a dream the other night that my teeth were falling out. I looked it up online and it seemed to suggest that this was a portent of bad things to come. Is this true? Does this mean that bad things will really happen to me or I only think bad things will happen to me. Any thoughts?

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Carlie said...


My excitement has overwhelmed me. I tried to calm down with an intense workout....I feel serene (a tinge o'runner's high) (and ok maybe i'm on beer 3 and it's like, 5pm) but i wanna burst right outta my skin and into RON!