Friday, July 29, 2005

Recommended Friday Viewing

That's right. Sit back while Joe tells you what you should be doing as your weekend just waits to begin.

First off, read some funny shit on the Web:

Cam’ron is firing on all cylinders at Inside Pulse. This week, he takes on Jermaine Dupri and lives to tell the tale. See, Cam. We each have our own diminutive celebrity fish to fry.

Pamie offers a brilliant take on the non-stop hilarity this is R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet” masterpiece. I actually saw that vid last night, and holy Jesus it is the comedy highlight of the year. It’s like “The Thunder Rolls” and “Janie’s Got a Gun” and that other R. Kelly video from back in the day with Ron “New Jack Shitty” Isley in it, all wrapped up in one soapy package. Anyhoo, read Pamie. She’s hilarious.

Ryan Latimer is stepping up to the 411 Movie News plate in my absence. And he starts off my making word love to Bruce Campbell. Something tells me you’ll do juuuust fine, Ryan.

Okay. So I know next to nothing about stocks and mergers, or anything about business at all, really. So I’m not sure what to make of this story. But if it means that I won’t be able to enjoy my monthly Tim Horton's Chicken Club Baguette with cheddar and honey mustard? I will not be pleased.

TV recommendations and more once you click below . . .

Hey, so you know what’s true about the 18-34 year old demographic in which I currently reside, and whose viewership TV networks covet so very much? We’re always home watching TV on Friday nights. No, it’s true. Sure, some might think it common sense that we’d be out drinking, listening to some live music, peeing in darkened alleys, and having dirty liberal sex with each other. But, no. We’re home watching TV.

That must be the case, right? Since the networks always seem to dump interesting programming that would naturally skew younger into their Friday Night deathfun(!) slots.

Anyway. If any of you all do end up at home tonight, there’s a bevy of kickass TV shows for your enjoyment:

CBS is making the fantastic decision to re-air episodes of UPN’s Veronica Mars, staring tonight, with episodes airing at 8pm (the pilot) and 9pm.

Fox, meanwhile, offers up two full hours of the best show on television, Arrested Development (8pm-10pm).

Finally, Bravo re-airs its 100 Scariest Movie Moments series, starting at 9pm. For, like, the trillionth time. But who cares? It’s one of the better “list” shows I’ve seen on TV, with tons of out-of-the-mainstream choices, and a bevy of insightful comments.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a movie to rent this weekend, I can’t recommend The Upside of Anger enough. Joan Allen is so superb in this movie, and despite being a product of Mike “The Mind of the Married Man” Binder’s seemingly feeble imagination, it’s remarkably well-written.

Enjoy your weekend!


Carlie said...

dirty liberal sex rawks, but never on a Friday, are you kidding me? LOL

also, did you only see part 1 of the closet? there are 5 total parts. I'm dying to see #2. but not bad enough to watch any more BET.

Joe R. said...

I'm not sure which part(s) I saw, but they were heavy on R. Kelly threatening to smack a bitch and light on actual, you know, singing.

Bigmarmar said...

Dude, at the end of this "ghetto opera" it threatens parts 6-10 are coming soon.. Be afraid be very afraid

Carlie said...

seriously, how have you seen all 5 parts??????????/

the one I saw ends w/his "cellie" ringin and him takin out his Beretta while pleading "oh please do not let this up this closet.."

mathan said...

Trapped in the Closet is the video masterpiece of the decade.

It's mankinds greatest achievement, in the medium of music videos. It is without a doubt most amazing video ever.

Personally I'd suggest watching the videos on BET as opposed to VH1, since VH1 make some pretty stupid editing choices.

I think in terms of summer viewing my list goes like this;

Trapped in the Closet 1-5
Batman Begins
Wedding Crashers
and um, oh let's say Dance 360

Carlie said...

VH1 is playing R Kelly? I am appalled. I've still only seen part 1, can I get some notifications when part 2 comes on(as I must only watch them in strict order)? please??? I have digital cable but usually watch mostly country and MTV hits....I know it's dumb.

in other news...I actually watched Veronica Mars this week.

mathan said...

Dear Carlie,

I hope this gets to you in time. VH1 should be showing Trapped In The Closet Sunday 7/31/05 at 2:30pm.

But remember, it's going to be way edited in an absurd fashion.

R. Kelly's #1 Fan,


Carlie said...

VCR is already recording!! :-D Thank you so much!

Joe R. said...

After some careful consideration, I think my favorite part is when R. is all "who the fuck is Roxanne?" Kills me every time.

Carlie said...

oh, I just watched it. I personally love when Kathy throws her hairpiece into the closet.

Why was the condom near the pillow? Don't guys take off condoms in the....waist region of the bed? like, middle?

my life is complete.