Monday, July 18, 2005

Informal Poll

I'll figure out how to put a legit poll in here eventually. For now, just post your answer as a comment:

Which Movie I'd Rather Not See Should I Watch Just To Bag On It?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


War of the Worlds

. . . discuss.


S. Jessie said...

Well, your Cruise-bashing policy is one we're all well versed on, so I'd have to say it's high time for Joe to bash the pretentious excess that is "A Film by Tim Burton".


Carlie said...

I had a hard time figuring out the question! but I got it now.

Definitely Charlie. One day, someone will do a remake of that movie that portrays Wonka as the evil bastard he truly is.

Mark Hill said...

Better go with War of the Worlds. You're going to like Burton's Charlie and will be unable to bag on it.

H in the Lo said...

monkeyboy said...

if you are looking for a heaping pile of suck i strongly suggest war of the worlds, quite possibly the suckiest suckfest of the summer... on that note, enjoy!

par3182 said...

since there can never be too much tom cruise bashing i vote for 'wotw'.

Joe R. said...

And just to show that I have no respect for your opinions whatsoever, I found a way to go to the mvoies and see not one, but TWO movies that I actually did want to see.

Thoughts on Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Dark Water forthcoming.

Though maybe the next double feature will feature some sucky Tom Cruise and/or creepy Johnny Depp.

JL said...

yeah, from what i've heard, war of the worlds is a complete butchery of the h.g. wells novel and a craptastic piece of cliche even for the "child-losing-his-or-her-innocence"-obsessed spielberg, if i can be permitted a touch of psychoanalysis. but of course i don't know the history of psychiatry. only tom does.

Joe R. said...


The glibness here is astounding. He's done the research, people! You have not!

mathan said...

I actually loved War of the Worlds. I thought that it's possibly the best movie of the summer.

I really think that you should check out War of the Worlds, Joe.

Comic Book Guy said...

Wait a minute...if Mathan liked it, then who typed these words last week when describing WotW:

"Anyway, by the time I left the theater I was kind of disgusted..."

Quite the hodgepodge...OF HYPOCRISY!

mathan said...

Wait a minute...if Mathan liked it, then who typed these words last week when describing WotW:

(Shh! You're going to queer the deal.)