Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Holiday Happy Hour - Linked!

I think it might be more appropriately called The Curse of Boyz N the Hood. Cube ends up a glorified babysitter. Cuba Gooding, Jr. wins an Oscar, professes his undying love for Tom Cruise, makes some unfathomably shitty movies, gets basically disowned by his own community, then tries to exact his revenge on all of us with Radio (the teeth! My god, the teeth!). Morris Chestnut is stuck in some alternate universe in which he only picks up the phone when Gabrielle Union calls for him to co-star with her. The rest of the time he’s watching Out All Night reruns and trying to remember who that drag queen
was who played the night club owner.

This, plus Charlie's Angels, X-Men 3, and Oscar hopefuls. I wrote a Happy Hour on the 4th of July, y'all! Go read it.

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