Saturday, July 16, 2005

Good News / Bad News

The Bad News: My copy of the new Harry Potter book - guaranteed on doorstep today by Amazon - will not be showing up.

The Good News: I think I'll be getting it for free. For a full refund, I can wait a few days.

The Question Remains: Do I use the money I get back to buy something else off my wish list? That first season of Scrubs is looking mighty tempting.


Carlie said...

just so you know how it stays on topic...i was thinking...Scrubs is awesome....what other shows do I want on so called life....which there are repeats of at like 5am now that i have DIGITAL CABLE!

Also, I walked out on my job, so I can't make frivolous purchases until I secure a new job.

but i hope you like Harry...I dont read the books. I just dont.

Mark Hill said...

I picked up the Scrubs DVD awhile back. The extras are pretty weak but the shows of course are brilliant.

Or you could hold off until next month when Undeclared comes out

Australia Sucks said...

Didn't I promise you a copy of the Scrubs DVD, Joe? You know, for all your work on the 411 site...the Oscars stuff...etc. Didn't I send that to you? No?

Maybe that's why you don't link me in your column, bloke.

Joe R. said...

Criminy, that's right! It's a bloody outrage, it is. I'm gonna report this to me member of Parliament.