Thursday, July 14, 2005

Emmy Noms Post-Mortem

Emmy nominations were announced today.

Most of the shows that were expected to do well did well, although we saw The West Wing finally get thrown overboard. Too bad it was a year too late. And I can't say I can speak to the quality of Huff as I have no Showtime, but its multiple nominations sort of threw me.

Anyhoo, the Good News:

Scrubs gets nominated, along with Zach Braff. Finally!

Naveen Andrews gets a nomination for Lost. Didn't see that coming, but that doesn't mean I don't love it.

Sandra Oh gets a nod for Grey's Anatomy.

Project Runway swishes its way into the Best Reality Competition lineup. Watch out, red carpet! Here comes Wendy Pepper!

The Bad News:

Victor Garber got snubbed in favor of William Shatner. My worst case scenario come to life.

And it's not necessarily "bad" news, but I'd have put money on Nicollette Sheridan getting a Supporting Actress nod. Eva Longoria got the snub, too. Oh the perils of being pretty.

I went 66% on my predictions, which is about as well as I ever do on these things.


Mark Hill said...

They got quite a few of the Noms spot on. I'm glad Ian McShane got a lead role nomination after carrying Deadwood this year...and Hugh Laurie..Fantastic.

I'm reasonably happy with the nominees...but I'm cynical of how it will pan out.

Joe R. said...

Off the top of my head, I see the winners as: Ian McShane, Glenn Close, Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton, Terry O'Quinn, Tyne Daly, Peter Boyle, Jessica Walter, Desperate Housewives, and . . . seeing as Best Drama is the biggest toss-up . . . Lost. A healthy mix of the satisfying and the chickenshit boring.

Mark Hill said...

Since McShane got his last year, I'm pulling for Laurie. I'm a recent House convert and the guy absolutely makes that show.

The rest I have to study closer, but I'm pulling for Mr. PCU himself Jeremy Piven, because PCU is the coolest film ever.

Joe R. said...

McShane won the Golden Globe. He was actually snubbed for even a nomination by the Emmys last year. I'll be rooting for him.

par3182 said...

Yay for Sandra Oh, but the lack of Shoreh Aghdashloo, Mary Lynn Rajskub and, especially, Lauren Ambrose makes the Drama Supporting Actress category a bit of a joke.

Mark Hill said...

Shit you're right.

Now I'm really in a conundrum.

Still, I have to go with Laurie, McShane spent a good part of the season making funny faces in bed and was nowhere near the awesome he was in the first season. Then again...he should get it on the first episode alone.

I so confooosed