Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Emmy Nomination Predictions

Emmy nods get announced Friday Thursday morning. The tendency of the television academy is to keep on nominating shows and performers long after they've run out of steam. This year, old horses like Friends, Frasier, and Sex and the City were led behind the barn and shot, thus freeing up some space in the comedy categories. That's when five "Desperate" nags whinnied their way into the national consciousness, and another Emmy warhorse was born.

As always, the struggle for new shows and actors to displace the veteran nominees is an epic one. Even old shows like The West Wing and 24 are pushing new actors like Alan Alda, Jimmy Smits, and Shoreh Aghdashloo for nods.

My predictions, sure to be significantly wrong in several key areas, are as follows (note that The Sopranos and Curb Your Enthusiasm didn't air any new episodes this season and are thus ineligible):

Best Drama Series
Six Feet Under
The West Wing

Best Case Scenario: Alias and Nip/Tuck bump CSI and one other show off the list. Hell, if we’re talking crazy talk, I’d throw in Veronica Mars and Carnivale for good measure. They all had better seasons than the shows sure to get nominated.
Worst Case Scenario: Without a Trace, CSI: New York, and two of the Law & Order shows join CSI for an all procedurals, all the time lineup.

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Best Actor – Drama
Peter Krause - Six Feet Under
Anthony LaPaglia - Without a Trace
Ian McShane - Deadwood
Martin Sheen - The West Wing
Keifer Sutherland - 24

Best Case Scenario: Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck) and Clancy Brown (Carnivale) bump off LaPaglia and Krause.
Worst Case Scenario: McShane and Sheen (or Keifer) are snubbed in favor of James Spader (Boston Legal) or Matthew Fox (Lost).

Best Actress – Drama
Glenn Close - The Shield
Frances Conroy - Six Feet Under
Jennifer Garner - Alias
Mariska Hargitay - Law & Order: SVU
Allison Janney - The West Wing

Best Case Scenario: Joely Richardson (Nip/Tuck) and Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) are recognized in place of Hargitay and Close.
Worst Case Scenario: Candice Bergen (Boston Legal), Evangeline Lilly (Lost) or Marg Helgenberger (CSI) worm their way into the race.

Best Supporting Actor – Drama
Alan Alda - The West Wing
Victor Garber - Alias
Terry O’Quinn - Lost
Jimmy Smits - The West Wing
John Spencer - The West Wing

Best Case Scenario: Garber stays, everyone else goes, and are replaced by Daniel Dae Kim (Lost), Michael J. Anderson (Carnivale), Patrick Dempsey (Grey’s Anatomy), and Jason Dohring (Veronica Mars).
Worst Case Scenario: Garber is snubbed. By anyone. Especially William Shatner (Boston Legal).

Best Supporting Actress
Lauren Ambrose - Six Feet Under
Stockard Channing - The West Wing
Tyne Daly - Judging Amy
Janel Maloney - The West Wing
Robin Weigert - Deadwood

Best Case Scenario: Scrap the entire lineup and put in Shoreh Aghdashloo and Mary Lynn Rajskub (24), Yunjin Kim (Lost), Amy Madigan (Carnivale), and Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy).
Worst Case Scenario: Meh. Save for Ambrose, my predicted lineup is pretty uninspiring on its own.

Best Comedy Series
Arrested Development
Desperate Housewives
Everybody Loves Raymond
Will & Grace

Best Case Scenario: I’ll say it, again, for the fifteenth year in a row, it seems. Gilmore Girls and Scrubs! And even though it’s not what it once was, I’d watch The Simpsons over W&G, Raymond, or Entourage any day.
Worst Case Scenario: Joey bumps off Arrested Development. I really don’t think it’ll happen, but if it does . . . bad things.

Best Actor – Comedy
Jason Bateman - Arrested Development
Matt LeBlanc - Joey
Ray Romano - Everybody Loves Raymond
Tony Shaloub - Monk
Charlie Sheen - Two and a Half Men

Best Case Scenario: Zach Braff (Scrubs) and Steve Carell (The Office) knock off Sheen and LeBlanc.
Worst Case Scenario: Eric McCormack (Will & Grace) and anyone from Entourage, especially if they knock Bateman out.

Best Actress – Comedy
Marcia Cross - Desperate Housewives
Teri Hatcher - Desperate Houewives
Patricia Heaton - Everybody Loves Raymond
Felicity Huffman - Desperate Housewives
Eva Longoria - Desperate Housewives

Best Case Scenario: Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) replacing any of the above, with the possible exceptions of Cross and Huffman.
Worst Case Scenario: Anything but that.

Best Supporting Actor – Comedy
Peter Boyle - Everybody Loves Raymond
Brad Garrett - Everybody Loves Raymond
Sean Hayes - Will & Grace
Jeremy Piven - Entourage
Jeffrey Tambor - Arrested Development

Best Case Scenario: Scrap everyone but Tambor, add Will Arnett and Michael Cera (Arrested Development), and John C. McGinley and Donald Faison (Scrubs).
Worst Case Scenario: Piven and/or Tambor are sacrificed to make room for the unfunny James Denton (Desperate Housewives). Hey, them’s the breaks when you play crushing bore in a dramady campaigned as a comedy. Also? God forbid it, but . . . Kevin Dillon (Entourage). *Shudder*

Best Supporting Actress – Comedy
Monica Horan - Everybody Loves Raymond
Meghan Mullally - Will & Grace
Doris Roberts - Everybody Loves Raymond
Nicolette Sheridan - Desperate Housewives
Jessica Walter - Arrested Development

Best Case Scenario: There’s an awfully shallow pool of nominees, which means long shots like Portia DeRossi (Arrested Development), Kelly Bishop (Gilmore Girls), or Harriet Sansom-Harris (Desperate Housewives) could place without shocking me too much.
Worst Case Scenario: Italian-accented chicks Debi Mazar (Entourage) and Drea DeMateo (Joey) displace boozy broads Walter and Mullally.


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