Monday, July 25, 2005

411 Happy Hour link

Actually, it’s probably Jerry Bruckheimer who will be laughing all the way to the bank, as The Island marked Bay’s first project away from the uber-producer. You’d have to figure Bay will come crawling right back into the fold. Do I smell a sequel to one of their more successful ventures? Armageddon II: Armageddon Too Old For This Shit.

This, plus thoughts on Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Land of the Dead, Matt Dillon's familial struggles, Christina Ricci's run of bad luck, and a handful of hot new trailers. It's my last Happy Hour column for 411Mania. Read it and weep.


Mark Hill said...

I guess I saw it coming.

The weekly thing will be missed

Duke Phillips said...

It's been a great ride, Movie Guy. Hopefully you and That Bootleg Guy can still join forces to fight off the evils of bad writing, self-important celebrity-sucking sycophants and the inherent absurdity of it all.

What? You mean you don't care about Apprentice Nick and Canadian Idol?

Well, then 38-5, Joe...38-5.