Wednesday, July 27, 2005

10 Word Movie Reviews VIII: Christian Bale is Wicked Skinny, Yo

Mr. and Mrs. Smith: Disregard the boring, lazy ending, and it’s fast and fun.

Dark Water: The stark, sheer terror . . . of apartment hunting in New York.

The Machinist (DVD): No offense, Christian Bale’s Sternum, but you’re freaking me out.

Prozac Nation (DVD): Visibly strains to find a theme. Shut up, Elizabeth Wurtzel!

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Carlie said...

I just realized that the name of your blog doesn't just mean "the opposite of High Resolution" - it's also about resolving to see LOTL every time they come!!!!

and about tomorrow...greg has to meet me here after work (he doesnt know how to get there, and needs to shower) so I'm not sure what time i'll get tehre, which makes me very sad.

and just to stay on topic.....
Mr. and Mrs. Smith kicked ass...but I apparently forgot the ending. I just cared about the hottness