Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Other People Can Be Funny, Too

I've been meaning to post one of these for awhile. There's so much good stuff being written out there in InternetLand, and aint none of it being written by me. So, go peruse the online goodness while I sit here and ponder how I'm going to punch up this Life Aquatic DVD review.

Sarah tries to beat the heat with a trip to the freezer case. She comes up with Frozfruit and a Bomb Pop. Vengeance shall be hers.

The fine people at Fametracker put forth the best analysis of The Tom Cruise Situation that I've read yet.

Courtesy of Defamer: Carrie Fisher sums up the end to the Star Wars prequels as well as anyone I've seen.

Ian Wright's Dancing About Architecture is my new favorite column at 411. It's fresh, briskly written, a little funny . . . I totally missed the boat not picking this kid in the 411/IP Draft. Speaking of which . . .

Aaron Cameron is always a reliably good read. This week, special guest star ME joins Aaron (eek! Bad grammar alert!) to help carve up the rosters of our respective sites. One day I'll post the unedited version and you can all see Aaron for the monster he truly is.


Puddin' Head said...

I'd just like to point out that Ian Wright has been "wrighting" since last August and Joe has JUST now discovered him? Must've been spending all that time reading all the OTHER great music columnists on 411.

Joe R. said...

No, just the overcompensating homophobes.

Ian Wright said...

A little funny??? I was funnier before I changed the format a few months back but I think it reads better now.

Actually I've been "wrighting" for 411 since March '04, used to do album reviews.

Why am I even responding to a post made 6 weeks ago I'll never know. It's not gonna be read by anyone.