Monday, June 27, 2005

Happy Hour link.

I have to say: Katie Holmes was not that bad. She’s not really asked to do any more than all the previous BatLadyfriends, with the notable exception of Michelle Pfeifer, who really transcended the “token chick” role anyway. Point being: Katie at least outpaced Kim Basinger’s perpetual bewilderment in Batman and Nicole Kidman’s endless breathy psychobabble in Batman Forever. Of course, it probably helped that Rachel Dawes was a serious character not inclined toward mirth. I never really appreciated how lucky we’ve been that Katie had always played such down-in-the-mouth women until we began to see the Grin That Ate Paris during her latest press tour. No, no. Keep her onscreen personas miserable, especially if the alternative is this My Boyfriend’s Playing 88 Keys Of “Crazy Love” And They’re All In My Mouth routine.

This, plus nine more reasons to love Batman Begins, movie trailers, Crispin Glover, and Jodie Foster. All in this week's 411 Movies Happy Hour.

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