Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ten Word Movie Reviews III: Kidman With a Vengeance

The Interpreter: Solid, unspectacular. About as mainstream as Penn should ever get.

House of Flying Daggers (DVD): Slooooooow. Beautiful to look at, in every way. But, sloooooow.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Give it a chance - it’s great fun. Sam Rockwell’s hilarious.

Birth (DVD): Ten pounds of inappropriate in a five pound bag. Un!Comfortable!


Carlie said...

Joe, you are a wizard with a dime's worth of words!

Do you think I would like the Interpreter? The previews made it look really good!

Joe R. said...

I do think you'd like The Interpreter. It's a good movie. I said unspectacular in the review, but don't mistake that for bad. It didn't light my hair on fire, but if you like political thrillers, this is certainly a good one.

Carlie said...

cool. Got any other recommendations for me? I have some free time next week.....(including rentals)

I'm totally dying to see House of Wax! how cheesy is that?