Sunday, May 08, 2005

Name! I'm Gonna Live Forever!

I came across the annual list of most popular baby names for 2004. Interestingly enough, my name, as well as my brother's and both my sisters' names, make the top ten for our respective genders.

The "Madison" craze (#3 and holding) has got to stop, though, and I feel somewhat responsible for the meteoric rise of the "Ethan" phenomenon (#5 and rising) in the late '90s and early '00s.

It's also interesting to check out the popular names that are apparently popular everywhere but around you. Personally, I know no one named Olivia, Isabella, or Hannah, and, truth be told, the two girls I knew in high school who had babies named Ethan . . . well, I've never met them, either, which means the only Ethans I know are on TV. But, like, everywhere on TV.

Still, I have to give props to my Mom on this lovely Mother's Day, for having the foresight to give her children names that would be so solidly entrenched in the American mainstream, even some two decades-plus after the fact. For your prescience in nomenclature and so much more, Mom, happy Mother's Day.

*Two-to-one odds Mom doesn't read this anyway. My flippant use of "douchebag" in the previous entry may have chased her off for good.*


mathan said...

"Oooh Joe's got a popular name that everyone can prounounce." You think you're all that Joe? You think you're special? You ain't bad. You ain't nuthin'!

Carlie said...

I used to hate my name bc it was so unpopular. I have, however, on at least THREE occasions heard it used in public referring to someone else!

I also wrote a paper called "Carlieism" when I was in 11th grade to discuss my feelings about my name. My name is in the top 1000 now though!

Steve Coogan said...

Personally, I'm shocked that "Ashish" didn't crack the Top 10. I've known a few. And, no love for "Cameron" "Jonathan" or "Aaron"? Nice to see such basic Black names so underrepresented.