Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Low Res Caption "Contest" No. 001

Err . . . "contest" in the sense that there will be no actual prizes given out, other than an amalgam of laughter and respect I like to call "laughpect."

Seriously, you guys. Have at this one:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

We're all winners here, so long as we all provide a caption. It's like pre-K, only with less wetting of our pants. Except from the laughter.


Carlie said...

"Dammit, I'm under OATH? Ok, ok, it's really only this big. That's why I had to invade Kuwait!"

Anonymous said...


Tipsy McSwiggans said...

Everybody ready? OK!

When I say HEY you say HO


miked said...

"U.S captivity does have it's advantages over hiding in a hole, the M.P.'s and I play 'Halo'"

Sars said...


Not Mathan said...

"Russia, num-bear vun! Iraq, num-bear, vun! USA, ack-phooey!"

Joe R. said...

Awesome, you guys. Love it. Love it all.

My own:

1) Saddam's spirits were raised when defense co-council entered the courtroom with a Molson 30-pack. "You da man!" was the dictator's enthusiastic response.

2) Employing a different kind of "Twinkie defense," Saddam displayed his two-fingered technique for poking the Hostess snack cakes.

3) My wives said that this was an average size! Why would they lie to me?