Monday, April 04, 2005

Yankees 9, Red Sox 2

Well, after that resunding bit of triumph, I’d have to say that last year’s ALCS debacle has been justly and truly avenged.


Okay, so it totally doesn’t make up for last October’s horror show, but a decent way to start off the new season? You betcha. Setting aside for a moment the fact that the weather at Yankee Stadium looked so cold and uncomfortable that you wanted to postpone opening day for another three weeks, it was good to see the boys playing ball again.

Best moment of the game was definitely Tino’s diving stab at first base. I can’t express just how excellent it is to have him back in the fold. Runner-up for moment of the night – also defensively – was Matsui’s over-the-fence maneuver to take away Millar’s homer.

Mostly, though, the win was nice because it set a tone. I know it sounds painfully stupid to talk about “setting a tone” after game one of a 2,341 game season, but honestly, the Yanks had lost the last four games to the Sox, in infamous fashion, and nipping any kind of “can the Yanks beat the Sox?” talk in the bud right off the bat puts me somewhat at ease.

Also? Say what you will about Jeter and A-Rod being pretty boys, but Johnny Damon’s hair is looking like he’s filming a commercial for Pert Plus. There are many an adjective that a major leaguer wants to hear applied to him, but I’ll hazard a guess that “fluffy” aint one of them.


Anonymous said...

Today's game was pretty avenge-y. Mmm, bottom-of-the-ninth Jeter homer. Good stuff. I also witnessed it in person, for I am awesome.

Joe R. said...

You indeed are.

And, since Bug Selig had to get all up in the press box and run his mouth on the YES network, I'll be posting on this game in a lil' bit.