Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Yankees 4, Red Sox 3

No, I’m not going to post-mortem every one of these games, but so long as I got the chance to watch it, I might as well commemorate the fact that Jeter knocked a walk-off homer off Foulke for the win. That was nice.

I’m still petrified as hell of David Ortiz and I have a feeling that’s going to last me all through the season. My blood pressure just goes up whenever he’s at the plate. Maybe if I pictured him with Johnny Damon’s soft, manageable mane of hair (or perhaps an afro) he’d be slightly less petrifying.

Also sure to be a hazard to my health all season is Mariano Rivera. It’s only one game, I know, and he’s still among the best, I know that, too, but he’s unquestionably now on the downside of his career and I worry just how steep that decline is going to be.

That being said, as my Dad pointed out: they hit our ace, we hit their ace. Can’t feel too poorly about Rivera giving up a 9th inning homer when Foulke goes and does the same thing.

Finally, I have to point out that Bud Selig was interviewed by Michael Kay and crew in the press box during the game to talk about the steroid thang. Now, I understand spin and the need for Major League Baseball to begin rehabbing their image, but it just seemed like Selig was trying to sell this image of “it’s really not that bad” and the announcers were all to happy to back him up.

You know, I hate Gary Bettman and what’s happened to the NHL and all that, but Gary Bettman will go on TV and say “Look, we’re trying to put forth a policy that makes sense, and the players in the union are being obstructive dicks about it.” And I can respect the hell out of that because at least it’s honest. If Selig would say the same thing about the MLB players’ association, I’d have a bit more respect for him, too. For him and for Paul O’Neill and for whoever else to try and characterize it as a minor problem and lay all the blame at Jose Canseco’s doorstep . . . it’s just the same old wagon circling, isn’t it?

Anyway, Yankees win, Sox lose, all is right with the world for another day.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, am I going to have to listen to that all season from you damn Yankees fans?
Personally I could give a F*%k about baseball but all I know is that I was damn sick of the Yankees and their Super-Franchise. I've had enough of them! I was so glad to see anyone beat them in the final that I became a Red Sox fan just for the World Series. I always go for the underdog. And now I feel kind of protective over them because of all the obsessed Yankees fans who can't handle the loss (because they just had to have yet ANOTHER championship) so they now seem to execute a personal vendetta against them. Geez people, let the others have a chance!!!!!!!!! and stop trying to justify and avenge their loss to the Sox.
Sorry Joe, I had to use you as the scapegoat for my anti-yankees rant. Next time I post I promise it will be a friendly little note :-)

Joe R. said...

Friendly little note or no, Sign Your Posts!

That way when I say "Guess who flipped out about the Yanks and the Sox on my blog this week?" I can have the answer.

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know you liked baseball! We should hang out more.

-Ron's girlfriend (in my dreams anyway.....Carlie)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for not signing! I'm new to the whole blog thing. It was me who flipped out on your blog about the Yankees and the Sox. hey good blog by the way. very entertaining. You should post something about LOST today. Good stuff! I seriously think I'm gonna have a party for the 2 hour finale. I'm such a dork I know.
-Lynn P (PB forever!)

Joe R. said...

Ahh, so it was Lynn! Glad you like the blog - and, yes, I'm totally going to be writing about "Lost". Don't know if I'm going to wait until the end of the season or not. And let me know if you're gonna have a big dork party for the finale because I can dork it up with the best of them.

Also . . . hey, Carlie! How's Ron doing?

Anonymous said...

hey check this out it's great:


Anonymous said...

Well, I did make out w/a guy last night while the DJ played Rosy and Grey.....