Wednesday, April 27, 2005

That Funny, Funny Internet

Okay, so have y’all heard about the exploding toads? Because it appears that frogs from this one pond in Germany seem to be . . . well, blowing up. And not in the J.C. Chasez sense, either. My favorite, of the myriad of theories to explain the phenomenon, is that menacing crows are swooping down and scaring the poor toads to death. Because that’s what you do when you get scared. You explode. It’s the funniest news story I’ve read this week, far surpassing the reports of Paula Abdul scarily seducing Corey Clark.

In other news, I was trolling around online trying to educate myself on Venn diagrams (Don’t ask. It’s not nearly as dorky as it sounds, but don’t ask. Okay, it’s exactly as dorky as it sounds. Still, don’t ask.), when I came across the second funniest thing I’ve read online this week. It seems Venn diagrams are, for all intents and purposes, the same thing as Euler diagrams. Still, they remain two distinct terms.

Quoth the Wikipedia: “It is likely that the Venn and Euler versions have not been merged because Euler's version came 100 years earlier, and Euler has credit for enough accomplishment already, while Venn is left with nothing but this diagram.”

Which . . . ha! I’m sorry, but the thought of the fierce politics of late 19th century mathematicians . . . of poor old John Venn clinging fiercely to his one claim to fame and can’t the Euler people just throw him a bone?! It's all he's got!

Also . . . “left with nothing but this diagram” is a choice lyric for the nerdiest country music song of all time: “Who’s Spheres Have Your Syllogisms Been Under?”

God, after writing that, even I’m like, “dooooooork!”


Carlie said...

Venn diagrams rock, but i'm more a fan of the double-T chart for comparing/contrasting

I am also kinda drunk and it took about 10 minutes to construct this response.

Carlie said...

Wow I dont even remember writing that dumbass response LOL

Anyway, I wanted to ask you about the 10-word movie reviews - did you make that up? bc i love it!

Joe R. said...

Re: the 10-word movie revews:

I would doubt that I'm the first person in the world to try their hand at writing minimalist capsule reviews, but I can't say as I can recall this specific format being used anywhere that I've read.

So, insofar as I haven't consciously lifted the idea from anyone, yes, it's original.

Your darling friend Carlie said...

That is amazing. I am going to try to incorporate that technique into something in my classroom. Perhaps for book reviews that students write for each other, but also for character descriptions. Part of it isn't just that it's minimalist, it's that it HAS to be ten words, so it's an evaluative activity. Very impressive.