Saturday, April 23, 2005

Ten Word Movie Reviews

Melinda and Melinda: Radha Mitchell prefers tragedy over comedy. Will Ferrell is irritating.

Vera Drake (DVD): Imelda Staunton cries for the entire second half. Damn good.

Hotel Rwanda (DVD): True story overshadows any concern for "film" virtues. Faithfully rendered.

Spanglish (DVD): Good performances (Vega, Leachman) succumb to irritating ones (Leoni, Sandler).

p.s.: As Mathan proved by example, you can include your name in your comments by choosing the "other" option as opposed to "anonymous". See? We're all learning here.

1 comment:

mathan said...

Unless I'm not really "mathan."

Now I've completely messed with your head!

As for your reviews, I've got to say they lack depth. I was execting something a bit more probing. Maybe a dialogue critique or commentary about the cinematography.

I just don't feel you're using your ten words to their fullest.