Monday, April 11, 2005

But Was He Chewing Tobacco?

Apprentice Chris had another anger moment.

Faced with the prospect of an admittedly steep $20 cover charge at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tampa, Chris proceeded to have one of his cutomary flip-outs in front of bar patrons and hotel security.

This is one of those perfect moments where a real-life outcome for a TV personality is exactly what you've always expected. Like Jerri Manthey posing for Playboy or Rose O'Donnell coming out of the closet. Gee, Chris acts like Anger Boy in the "Apprentice" boardroom when asked the usual probing questions (like the incendiary "are you a good negotiator?") and gets all up in his castmates' faces when there's a problem? You think he might get arrested for disorderly conduct at some point? Nah! Next thing you'll tell me that a boozed up Paula Abdul got into a car accident.

I hope the security guys didn't make the mistake of asking Chris if he was a homosexual, though. Because he most certainly is NOT. In fact, he's personally offended that I tried to appeal to that demographic just then.

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