Tuesday, April 12, 2005

86? I'll Give Ya 1,918.

Or, fine, 2,004.

86 Reasons To Hate The Red Sox.

Yeah, it's kind of whiny and kind of obvious, but it illustrates one of my long-held convictions about baseball fans: if you bitch and moan about the Yankees and their payroll and their ubiquity and the media's slobbery love affair with them, you HAVE TO bitch and moan about the Red Sox for the same reasons. Especially now. Especially with Fever Pitch and Johnny "Cover Boy" Damon and Curt Schilling's Celebrity Hot Tub Party or whatever the hell his two-years-and-counting press tour has been.

They're not the lovable losers anymore. They're just . . . there. On your TV. All. The. Time.

Unless you've been a lifelong Sox fan, it's gotta be irritating, right?

Also . . . Reason #9: "Cowboy Up". Fuckin-A right, man.

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