Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Weekend Randoms

1. Probably one of the best weekends for college basketball in recent memory, and certainly a cardiac-inspired one for anyone with gambling (err, for entertainment purposes) interests at stake. Personally, I had Illinois, North Carolina and Kentucky in my Final Four, and while I didn’t have West Virginia, a Mountaineer win would have helped the cause. So, in the end, two-for-four keeps me alive for the money, but more than that, the games themselves were so rewarding. That Illinois comeback was something I doubt I’ll see again for awhile, that’s for sure.

I did come away from the weekend wondering if anyone can run a “last shot” play anymore. I didn’t think anyone would be able to screw up a last shot worse than Arizona did at the end of overtime, but there I was a day later, watching Kentucky get 25 seconds to win the game and NOT EVEN GET A SHOT OFF. Yeah, I really could have used that win.

2. Watched the pilot for “Grey’s Anatomy” on Sunday. I’m usually not a huge fan of medical shows, but I really liked the “Grey” cast, especially Sandra Oh, Patrick Dempsey and my heterosexual “Roswell” girlfriend, Katherine Heigl. I thought I liked Ellen Pompeo as well, but as it turns out . . . not so much.

The show was kind of boring and meandering, but I’m willing to give it at least one more shot. Sandra Oh is really good and I liked the kid who played George. Pompeo disappointed me, though. It’s funny, because I read Bill Simmons on today and he was raving about her and her likeability. I felt the opposite – not until the very end with her mom did she really get me into her story. And she’s got a squinty Zellweger thing that is starting to bug me.

Oh, and Heigl was completely buried, which sucks. And her character’s name is Isabel, which certainly makes things easier to remember. They mucked it up by nicknaming her “Izzie” (scriptwriter’s shorthand for “blonde” “young” and “ditzy”). This show gets one more shot to make things interesting. They’re just lucky the “Carnivale” season ended.

3. Started reading a collection of David Sedaris short stories (“Barrel Fever”). I think it took me five minutes before my first audible “oh my god”. Just a wicked sense of humor, that guy. More complete review to come, but for now I’ll just toss out an easy recommendation if you’re looking for heartless laughs at absurd people.

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