Thursday, March 24, 2005

It Begins.

So . . . for real. I'm going to start this Blog thing that the kids keep talking about. I've done the online journal thing before, but without a loose theme to tie everything around, it felt aimless. Thus, with the emphasis on a loose theme, I wound up creating Low Resolution.

Now, a bit of fair warning about me: I'm unusually succesptible to puns. It's a weakness, I know. In this case, Low Resolution refers to my pseudo "New Year's" resolution to do two things better: 1) read more books, and 2) watch more baseball. Oh yeah. Reaching for the stars, am I.

So here's where you'll find me alternately ranting about the Yankees middle relief issues and laughing my fool head off at the pearl-clutching of Tom Wolfe in "I Am Charlotte Simmons" (more on that in a week or so).

Of course, that's not going to keep me from my usual Film/Television/Pop Culture commentary. My odd newfound affinity for "American Idol" needs an outlet, after all.

So come, stay, read, comment. Who says self-improvement has to be a slog?

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